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This is a cover of artist Dawn Hunter's sketchbook about Cajal, it features cellular patterns, Cajal's profile and birds.

The Accordion Sketchbook

An Artistic Exploration of Santiago Ramón y Cajal

"In undertaking the intricate task of investigating the life of the renowned Santiago Ramón y Cajal, I chose an unconventional method: creating an accordion sketchbook, an evolving, visually compelling artistic representation of Cajal's life and work. As an artist, I discovered this medium to be an ideal channel to merge surrealism and romanticism, ultimately capturing Cajal's chronologically aligned biographical events and the imaginative flourish of his childhood."

In summary, all great work is the fruit of patience and perseverance, combined with tenacious concentration on a subject over a period of months or years.

― Santiago Ramón y Cajal

"Cajal's childhood fascinations offered profound insight into his later scientific endeavors. As a young boy, Cajal would meticulously document the bird nests he collected, demonstrating an early inclination towards scientific observation and analysis. The birds represented for Cajal a symbol of resilience and strength, profoundly influencing his personal and professional life. Through detailed drawings and intricate notes, he built the psychological foundation for his scientific research, a testament to the essential human curiosity that fuels scientific discovery.


The accordion sketchbook chronologically manifests Cajal's evolving life, featuring a unique 5" x 13" drawing on each page. One poignant image displays "branches" of neurons intertwined with a depiction of Cajal's self-reflection in his twilight years. It reflects Cajal's personal introspection in the face of aging and potential neurological deterioration—a deeply human and vulnerable moment for a man who had devoted his life to unraveling the mysteries of the brain.

The pages unfurl to display an array of images, a visual narrative from Cajal's life beginning to its current end. Each page is a journey through time, revealing aspects of Cajal's biography and his imagination, while the progression of pages mirror the unfurling of his life and scientific contributions."

Dawn Hunter Cajal Project SketchBook_Cajal Signature Like Embroidery_Cajal Book_outside 5_

"The unfolding journey begins with exploring Cajal's younger years, imbued with artistic inspiration from Edvard Munch's work. The neurons on these pages are crafted with the emotional intensity synonymous with Munch's iconic style, infusing them with a sense of animated life. Here, one can feel Cajal's scientific metaphor for neuronal interactions resonate: "What mysterious forces precede the appearance of the processes, promote their growth and ramification, stimulate the corresponding migration of the cells and fibers in predetermined directions, as if in obedience to a skillfully arranged architectural plan, and finally establish those protoplasmic kisses, the intercellular articulations, which seem to constitute the final ecstasy of an epic love story?"


The accordion sketchbook project is a synergy of art and science. It echoes Cajal's journey, revealing a scientific saga on every turning page. As the project continues to grow, more pages will be added, each a new chapter in the timeless story of Santiago Ramón y Cajal."

~ Dawn Hunter, University of South Carolina

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