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This is a surreal portrait of Cajal by artist Dawn Hunter. It is a mixed media drawing and in her drawing Cajal is juxtaposed with neurons, sunflowers and birds.

NIH Exhibition

John Porter Neuroscience Research Center

Currently, at the John Porter Neuroscience Research Center, a unique exhibition celebrates the life and legacy of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the father of modern neuroscience. The exhibit hosts a dual feature: original scientific drawings by Cajal, on loan from the Instituto Cajal in Madrid, Spain, are presented alongside Dawn Hunter's art, inspired by the groundbreaking scientist.

The National Institutes of Health, mindful of Cajal's work's historical and scientific value, commissioned a specially constructed display case to house his drawings. This custom display ensures that the precious illustrations are not exposed to excessive UV light and maintains an optimal environment concerning temperature and humidity for their preservation.

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"Oh comforting solitude, how favorable thou art to original thought!"

― Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Hunter's work, deeply rooted in her fascination with Cajal's contributions to neuroscience and his personal life, offers a contemporary and creative perspective on the scientist's impact, and Curator and NIH Senior Researcher Jeff Diamond invited artist Dawn Hunter to display her art work alongside Cajal's drawings during the spring of 2015.

Her art pieces weave together elements of Cajal's research, his personal story, and her interpretation of his life and work, resulting in a captivating interplay of past and present, science and art. From recreations of his scientific drawings to biographical representations of Cajal, Hunter's art pieces bring forth a unique narrative that complements and enriches our understanding of Cajal's legacy

This is a detail image of the acrylic painting by artist Dawn Hunter representing Cajal in the past. In the detail there is a hawk resting on his hand.

The continued presence of Hunter's artwork at the exhibition speaks to the compelling nature of her work and its resonance with the audience. Visitors are offered a unique chance to explore Cajal's life and his pioneering work in neuroscience through the lens of Hunter's artistic vision.

Whether you are a scientist, an art enthusiast, or simply someone intrigued by the intersection of these two worlds, this exhibit offers a unique insight into the man whose work has shaped our understanding of the nervous system. The exhibition showcases Cajal's contributions to neuroscience and his profound influence on artists like Dawn Hunter, whose work continues to celebrate and explore his legacy.

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